Project Veritas Slams New York Times and CNN

Today’s best investigative journalist in America is James O’Keefe. CNN and the New York Times have attacked him because he is a republican. O’Keefe, on the other hand, is fighting back. It’s now in the hands of the courts, and O’Keefe could win. If that’s the case, it’ll be sweet justice.

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“Project Veritas founder and President James O’Keefe spoke out about his defamation suit against CNN and the New York Times on Wednesday, telling Fox News that he is confident in his ability to show real malice from a CNN anchor – while claiming ‘collusion’ between Big Tech companies and the two left-leaning news outlets. When Ana Cabrera invoked Project Veritas in a February on-air statement about Twitter cracking down on “the dissemination of disinformation,” O’Keefe said he could prove she indicted herself. In fact, Project Veritas was punished for alleged policy violations involving the sharing of private information, which O’Keefe denies.

“In Project Veritas’ lawsuit against the New York Times, New York State Supreme Court Justice Charles Wood rejected the Times’ motion to dismiss in relation to O’Keefe’s coverage of suspected voter fraud in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district.”

In his March decision, Wood said, “The facts submitted by Veritas could suggest more than normal, garden variety media bias and support a reasonable inference of real malice.”

“We have been misled about by the New York Times,” O’Keefe says. We filed a defamation suit. We won a motion to dismiss in the New York Supreme Court, which was a major, monumental win.

And a large number of people have come to us. They’ve been defamed and lied about. The media in this country defames people on a daily basis… Twitter, Google, Facebook, CNN, and the New York Times collaborated. As a result, we must expose this, and Project Veritas produced a video of [CNN Technical Director] Charlie Chester declaring his network to be propaganda… We were suspended from Twitter for reporting what he said. However, I don’t believe we will lose if we fight back, go on offense, and have the bravery to remain on offense — which is why we sued the New York Times and are now suing CNN. We’ve filed a defamation lawsuit against Twitter, and we’ve also started a new campaign to defend other people in defamation lawsuits.”

“We’re trying to get through the motion to dismiss in the CNN case — and depose Ana Cabrera and Brian Stelter at CNN.” If they do, the insects that emerge from underneath the rock will subject CNN and the Times to the same public and legal proctology examination that they attempted to administer to O’Keefe and Project Veritas. However, the result would almost certainly be drastically different.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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