PROJECT VERITAS Claims DOJ Spied On Journalists’ Apple And Google Accounts! [WATCH]

This Wednesday, Project Veritas exposed DOJ for secretly spying on journalists’ Apple and Google accounts.

“Apple and Google have come forward to disclose that between November 2020 and March 2021, the Department of Justice issued nine secret subpoenas and warrants to them for the private information of Project Veritas journalists.” Project Veritas reported.

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The DOJ silenced Apple and Google about this spying. So, it accessed journalists’ browsing history, payment information, and some other personal data, James O’Keefe stated.

Project Veritas asked for the return of their property. James O’Keefe shared that the Biden DOJ spied on PV journalists with sealed search warrants and then concealed the communications from a federal judge.

Furthermore, PV got legal documents from Microsoft Corporation revealing the DOJ got an extension on two sealed search warrants once a federal judge denied the Department’s efforts to “unsupervised and unfettered access to privileged emails and contacts of eight PV journalists.”

O’Keefe stated that Judge Torres ordered the federal prosecutors to be supervised by a Special Master to protect the journalists’ First Amendment rights.

PV got a document proving the DOJ went behind Judge Torres’ back, ignored the order, and attempted to hide that they got communications from PV journalists.

It seems that the DOJ spied on the journalists’ Apple and Google accounts.

Project Veritas reported:

Project Veritas announced today that Apple and Google came forward and provided documents showing that President Biden’s Department of Justice issued nine secret subpoenas to them for multiple Project Veritas journalists’ private information.

The subpoenas and warrants even extended to the journalists’ security detail.

In addition to compelling Apple and Google not to disclose that the constitutionally-protected information of journalists was being surveilled by the highest levels of our government, the Department of Justice sought payment information, MAC addresses, browsing history and other personal information from multiple employees of Project Veritas.

Paul Calli, an attorney for Project Veritas, pointed out that the actions from the government were disproportionate, in addition to arguing the DOJ violated the Privacy Protection Act, the First and Fourth Amendments, and Common Law Reporter’s Privilege.

“By no reasonable measure can the wholesale seizure of newsgathering materials, attorney-client privileged communications, and irrelevant personal information be considered a proportional response to an alleged low-grade larceny, much less to a non-crime,” said Calli in Project Veritas’ motion filed in response to the disclosures from Microsoft.

The DOJ’s spying campaign represents the latest example of governmental misconduct in, what appears to be, a politically motivated investigation. President Biden’s Department of Justice has placed its crosshairs squarely on Project Veritas’ newsgathering activities pertaining to apparent allegations against then-candidate, Joe Biden, which were made by his daughter, Ashley Biden, in her diary.


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