Pro-Pedophilia Professor Is Under Investigation Once He Announced He Wasn’t Sure If It’s Wrong To Have Sex With Babies! [WATCH]

The State University of NY at Fredonia Professor Stephen Kershnar is currently investigated after the video emerged where he defends having sex with children, including babies.

In an email to the students, the university stated that Kershnar has been “assigned duties that do not include his physical presence on campus and will not have contact with students.”

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TikTok account Libs of Tik Tok shared a video where the professor says he wasn’t sure that it was morally incorrect to have sex with a one-year-old baby,

“Imagine that an adult male wants to have sex with a twelve-year-old girl. Imagine that she’s a willing participant….” Kershnar says in the video. “A very standard, very widely held view that there’s something deeply wrong about this, and it’s the wrong independent of it being criminalized.”

“It’s not obvious to me that is, in fact, wrong. I think this is a mistake, and I think that exploring why it’s a mistake will tell us not only things about adult-child sex and statutory rape but also about fundamental principles of morality,” the creepy professor continued.

“It’s not obvious to me that is, in fact, wrong,” he continued. “The notion that it’s wrong even with a one-year-old is not quite obvious to me.”

Kershnar issued a statement about raping children, “I don’t think it’s blanket wrong at any age.”

Campus Reform reports:

His university bio labels him a “distinguished” professor who focuses on “applied ethics and political philosophy” who has written extensively on matters of “abortion, adult-child sex, hell, most valuable player, pornography, punishment, sexual fantasies, slavery, and torture.”

In 2001, he wrote a paper titled, “The moral status of harmless adult-child sex” in which he “reject[s]” the notion that nonconsensual adult-child sex is immoral.

Keshnar shared a book called ‘’Pedophilia and Adult-Child Sex: A Philosophical Analysis.’’

“By analogy, many people find it disgusting to view images of obese people having sex, but it is hard to see what is morally undesirable about such sex. Here the judgment is aesthetic. This book looks at the moral status of such adult-child sex,” Kershnar wrote. “In particular, it explores whether those who engage in adult-child sex have a disease, acts wrongly, or are vicious. In addition, it looks at how the law should respond to such sex given the above analyses.”

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