Pro-Life Activist Rose States: Biden Exploits Christianity To Cover Extreme Policies

Lila Rose is an owner and president of the pro-life organization Live Action. She declared that the citizens of the U.S. must be careful and conscious of the important deception by the administration of Biden for abortion.

In her interview for the NTD News, on February 17, she said that vast Americans are unconscious of the pro-abortion extremism implied by the Biden administration. And, once they realize what that means, they start to panic, they become very concerned.

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Her organization is concerned about the Biden administration’s agenda because it is even more pro-abortion than in the time of the Obama administration.

Previously Biden has denounced his support of the Hyde Amendment. That legislation became effective in 1980, they forbid the abortion. Exceptions were live-saving situations and pregnancy which is a result of rape or incest.

The new administration ended the Mexico City policy. This one had banned the U.S.A. taxpayers’ funds to categories that offer abortion, or even abortion counseling.

Biden as a ‘Devout Catholic’

Biden claims to be a devout Catholic, but Rose thinks that he is using his religion to cover his policies and the legalization and promotion of abortion. Because of that, he is a huge and experienced liar.
He is committing the worst type of violence, and he must be exposed!

According to Rose, the media have double-standard, and Catholics aren’t receiving the same treatment of attention.

Rose stated:
‘’To see the double standard and media where Joe Biden’s faith is praised and held up as an example, while at the same time, he’s supporting the legalized killing and even the taxpayer-funded killing of human beings, of children.’’

At the same time, many other Catholics, including Amy Coney Barrett are abraded because of their faith. She is tortured, and many people call her ‘handmaid’ that will get us centuries back, only because of her faithful Catholic witness.

The civil liberties of preborn children and pro-life advocates are in danger.

“He also has recently appointed former California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to a high position in his administration. This was the same attorney general who went ahead and filed criminal charges against two pro-life activists in California. As well as forcing pregnancy centers to post-abortion advertisements in their clinics in California.”

Rose supports the conservatives to raise their voice because they have an essential role, they must think in the long run.

She appealed that they are not alone. Too many people think as they do, but they are afraid to speak up. You are not alone.

‘’I would encourage everybody that the change starts with us.’’ – Rose said.


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