Prison Time For The Unvaxxed Citizens In Australia!

The authorities in the southeastern state of New South Wales have totally restricted business and public closed spaces from an “unvaxxed breach”, threatening their citizens with jail time if they do the opposite!

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New South Wales recently announced that it will soon come out of lockdown as soon as the vaccination rates increase to an acceptable amount.

Also, in the post-lockdowns, only the fully vaxxed will be granted permission to once again engage in social life, in every aspect. Sports, movies, supermarket and mall shopping… This, on the other hand, will be strictly forbidden for unvaxxed citizens, since the state government has already rolled plans to implement vaccine passports.

According to their plans, both digital and paper passports would be available for use.

A smartphone app will be the more advantageous usage of the digital version of the COVID passport, and it is currently being handled by Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello of the state’s ruling Liberal Party.

During an interview with ABC, Dominello said: “If people want to do the wrong thing, if they get found out, as I said, it could be jail time there.”

He continued, stating that he believes that the unvaccinated should be segregated from the vaccinated.

“Businesses and customers have a shared responsibility to comply with the rules and keep the public safe. People who create and use fake vaccine certificates will face the full force of the law and could face jail time.

“Fraud is a very serious matter and won’t be tolerated. My message is clear – put the community first and get vaccinated.”

“What we need to do is make sure that the responsibility is primarily on the individual. Businesses, particularly small businesses, should not be de facto police officers,” Dominello said.

“When people make a fuss in relation to checking in with their digital vaccine passports, and there are people that made a fuss, it was reported to police who were there to enforce public health orders.”


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