Princess Diana And Meghan Markle Both “Wanted Something From The Queen”

Meghan Markle and Princess Diana both “wanted something from the Queen,” royal author Matthew Dennison said this week, but “they didn’t receive it.”

Dennison told The Mirror, “The Queen doesn’t talk about her own sentiments, and she doesn’t encourage others to talk about their feelings either.” “Diana had meeting after meeting with the Queen, who eventually concluded that they were having the same topic again and over again. Diana never forgot who her mother-in-law was, and this created a barrier that the Queen had nothing to do with.”

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He continued, “I’m not sure if Meghan was overawed in that sense because Meghan was a grown lady with life experience when she joined the royal family, whereas Diana was a little child.” “However, I believe both women were hoping for something from the Queen that they did not receive.”

Dennison went on to discuss the Queen’s relationship with her many children and grandkids.

“The Queen appears to have an unaffectedly pleasant relationship with her grandkids and great-grandchildren,” he remarked. “They definitely respect her as Queen, and they recognize that she isn’t the same as everyone else’s grandmother, but it appears to be a truly loving and affectionate relationship.”

Dennison continued, “They all adore their grandmother.” “She’s a brilliant grandmother and great-grandmother, and her status as a queen hasn’t warped that.”

Dennison does not believe that the 95-year-old Queen will ever abdicate her throne.

“The Queen assured her cousin Margaret Rhodes that she would not abdicate until she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or had a stroke. That was certainly true at the time, and I believe it is still true now,” he remarked. “She’s always been reliable. There are some family conflicts right now, but the majority of her family is behind her.

“She will go on as long as this is true and her health is good,” Dennison added. “She might listen if the senior advisers all said, ‘Ma’am, I wonder…’ but she doesn’t see monarchy as a job, but rather as something more special.”

Dennison further stated that the Queen wishes for her son Prince Charles to become king one day.

“The Queen – and Philip, too – believe that the most important thing they’ve passed on to their children is the concept of service,” he said. “It’s incredible what Prince Charles has accomplished, and I believe his monarchy will be similar to his mother’s since he shares her enthusiasm for it.

“When we’re young, we don’t care what we do as long as it’s distinct from what our parents do,” Dennison continued, “but he’s had enough time to mature through that and reflect on his parents’ model.”


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