President Trump’s Attorney Jenna Ellis Reveals A New Trend Against the Unvaxxed!

President Trump doesn’t call our media the enemy of the people and the American state for nothing…

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And no wonder many of the alternative media pages and outlets are using the word “Communist” and Democrats in the same sentence – going this way, we’ll surely end like North Korea!

Spreading fear, paranoia, and all of that built on the fake news propaganda and the narrative that fits the Democrats the most is what the media is actually doing. They’re not reporting truth, nor facts, nor REPORTING at all!

Networks like CNN and MSNBC spend most of their time spreading hate against white people, Trump supporters, and suburban moms. They spread COVID fear and hatred against the unvaccinated. Don Lemon – a man accused of grotesque sexual assault – has even called for unvaccinated people to be shunned from society.

Do you remember when President Trump was in office and CNN and MSNBC would use about 1/3 of their screen to post a giant “Death Toll ticker”?

I wonder what are they going now, since it is officially reported that there are more COVID-related deaths under Biden than under President Trump…

Where is their “Death Toll ticker” now?!

President Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis shared a tweet from a now-suspended account, that is jaw-droppingly horrific.

Here’s a bit more!

Here’s america’s reaction:

“Who the HELL do you people think you are and in what country do you think you live in?? This is NOT NAZI Germany!! If you HADNT noticed there are MILLIONS of people who are NOW getting sicker BECAUSE OF THE VACCINE!!! It’s NOT a vaccine. It has been an experiment.”

“It’s almost unbelievable, almost – but we’ve watched the media with their propaganda lies and the sheep who believe it. What bothers me the most is that it seems critical thinking skills and common sense are GONE.”

“Hey America, this is the new, and acceptable way of life, and thinking coming from the left, and the media promotes it”

“But I’m a “nazi” for posting support for Kyle Rittenhouse”

“I have seen a lot of this online with varying degrees of hate. Most lefties want unvaccinated imprisoned and losing our livelihoods.”

anything you’d like to add?

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