President Trump: On Hunter’s Laptop There’s Evidence Of More Criminal Activity Than Al-Capone!

Now, that’s a sentence that comes straight into your mind and makes you really wonder…

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Sure, we know he’s a crook. sure, we know he’s a criminal and a junkie. He’s a pedophile, a sexual molester, and what else not… But, being compared to Al-Capone, one of the greatest criminal minds in the latest century? Now, that’s a new level that at least I haven’t thought of…

However, in his latest statement, President Trump revealed a lot about the future of politics, his campaign, his announced lawsuit against the Big Tech and he even spoke about the content found in Hunter Biden’s laptop. He spoke about how unimaginably bizarre it is.

“You look at that thing, there’s more criminal activity on that laptop than Al Capone had if he ever had a laptop,” he added.

“The former president continued by stating that he has seen Hunter Biden’s laptop first hand and it is worse than he thought.” according to Trending Politics.

“We’d like to give Al Capone one, but he was a baby compared to what I was able to see,” Trump said.

Watch his statement here:


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