President Trump Just Revealed a Little “Secret” About “Woke” Gen. Milley Explains Everything…

Trump is back, and he’s pursuing his foes with a passion we’ve never seen before… He’s not holding back anything, which is fantastic to see.

He just issued a harsh statement criticizing “woke” General Mark Milley for his lack of leadership and progressive agenda.

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What Trump said also explains the current “mindset” of “woke” generals.

During the “BLM Summer of Love,” President Trump described what happened to General Milley. Do you recall those bloody and terrible riots?

Milley reportedly “begged” Trump not to send in the military to cope with the devastation, killing, bloodshed, and mayhem that was occurring in the country.

Milley is quite the “leader,” isn’t he?

But I’m sure he supports picking up MAGA grandmothers and imprisoning them for taking pictures in the Capitol rotunda.

Milley “practically begged” him not to bring in the military to stop the riots as Black Lives Matter protestors “threatened to demolish Washington, D.C.”, according to the former president.

Milley then offered a “embarrassing and groveling apology” for walking with him to St. John’s Church the day before, when rioters set fire to its basement.

“Instead of condemning the rioters, he condemned himself – an embarrassment to our military,” Trump stated. “A year later, even the Fake News admitted that their Lafayette Square story was a complete fabrication. Milley appeared to be an idiot once more.”

Trump also refuted a story in a recent book that said Milley “yelled” at him.

According to Michael Bender of the Wall Street Journal, Trump told a situation room conference last summer about how to address the race rioting that he had put Milley in charge. “I said you’re in f—ing charge!” Trump allegedly yelled when Milley allegedly “confronted” him about being only an adviser and not in leadership.

This guy is clearly solely concerned with appeasing the “woke” crowd, not with safeguarding Americans.

We need to purge the military brass of the fakes and RINOs, just like we did with the GOP.



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