President Trump Demands That the Routers be Released Immediately

Today, President Trump delivered a statement, and he doesn’t mince words.

He’s looking for the routers.

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So, what does that imply?

He’s referring to the Maricopa County routers that election officials refuse to hand over, arguing that doing so would constitute a “security breach.”

This router story was first published in May by USA Today:

Routers act as a computer network’s mail carrier, delivering messages utilizing network maps and computer addresses.

Consider a mail carrier who relies on maps and addresses to deliver mail to the correct location.

It would be easier for a bad actor to gain access to a person’s mail or target the information inside the network if they had access to the information of the mail carriers — or routers.

While explaining the necessity of keeping Maricopa County’s routers secure, one computer expert – Matt Bernhard, a research engineer with Voting Works, a nonpartisan nonprofit that pushes for open source election equipment – used this analogy.

Senate Republicans in Arizona are attempting to gain access to the county’s routers and administrator passwords for voting machines in order to provide them to private contractors engaged to audit the county’s 2020 election results, which began on April 23.

Providing access to the routers, according to Bernhard, is a “pretty specific risk” for the county. He and other election security consultants across the country are also baffled as to why the auditors would require the routers to audit the election results.

According to County Attorney Allister Adel, granting access to the routers would jeopardize county citizens’ Social Security and public health information, as well as important law enforcement information.

Many individuals consider this to be an excuse. I’m not a computer genius, but can’t they extract the information they need from the router? There has to be a way to make that function in a “secure” way.

And now that the Secretary of State’s worries have raised a slew of new questions, the router appears to be an even more critical piece of the puzzle.

President Trump’s demand for the routers is most likely due to this.

In today’s statement, he mentioned the following.

“Why is it that the RINO Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in Arizona refuses to hand up the routers? What are they attempting to conceal? It’s a life-or-death situation for them. What exactly is going on? “Hand over the routers!”

“Voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election was massive, and the facts are being revealed on a regular basis!”

It’s astounding how many barriers have been erected to prevent Americans from studying the 2020 election.

Bumbling Joe Biden claims that the 2020 election was the most fair in our country’s history.

Joe, you’re doing great…

So, okay, let’s take a look at the election and see what happened.


That’s exactly what we were thinking…

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