Prepared?! A Ban on Fertilizer Exports Will Cripple Agriculture

We’ve mentioned this one previously, and I just hope you’re ready to hear it out now, as it has matured in a fully developed proposition…

War, terror, and limited goods…

Sounds familiar?

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If you think the government is after just the businesses in the city, you’re wrong. Farmers are suffering just as bad, if not, worse.

Guns America CEO Paul Helinski joined the Stew Peters Show on Thursday to expose the egregious acts the government has been carrying against farmers.

“The big companies, the big farms, have taken over most of America’s farming” Helinski told Stew. “Small farmers just didn’t have a chance! Even the guys who are left with chicken farms, they’re living on nothing.”

“They pay them not to plant their crops!” Helinski told Stew. “The videos are all over Bitchute, all over Rumble, of farmers saying, ‘this is the paperwork that I got from the government, saying I am not allowed to plant this and this and this and this, here’s the map. And if I don’t mow these soybeans down with my mower, or I plant them, I will lose all of my subsidies.’ And they need that money to survive!”

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