Preferred Terms Guide Shared By CDC! Citizens Refrain From Using Dehumanizing Language Including INMATE/ FOREIGNERS In The Name Of Public Health!

The CDC was dictating the Americans’ lives for almost two years, and now they want to tell them what to say!
The CDC shared a new guide listing numerous preferred terms to replace the commonly used speech while describing specific types of people/ groups.

“Language in communication products should reflect and speak to the needs of people in the audience of focus. The following provides some preferred terms for select population groups; the terms to try to use represent an ongoing shift toward non-stigmatizing language.” – The CDC guide reads.

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The health officials shared that the speech codes will improve health equity and inclusive communication for marginalized groups.

The Marxist tactic that CDC uses is very effective regarding redefining language and shifting the discussion to further their teardown of established societal norms.

In the guidelines, they mentioned what Dehumanizing language is and shared the relevant terms for each one.

It is a ridiculous list and highly dystopian. Every example is benign, and the recommendations are very complicated. Even some of them are way more offensive than the ones we are already using.

Below you can find a couple of examples from the guideline.

“Instead of this…

  1. Inmate / Parolee
  2. Handicapped / Differently Abled
  3. Drug-users / Smokers
  4. Rural people / Poor people
  5. Biologically or genetically male/female / Gendered pronouns (He, She, Him, Her)

Try this…

  1. People who were formerly incarcerated / Persons on Parole or Probation
  2. People who use a wheelchair or mobility device / People with an intellectual or developmental disability
  3. People who inject drugs / People who smoke
  4. People who live in sparsely populated areas / People with self-reported income in the lowest income bracket
  5. Assigned or designated male/female at birth / Singular they or their”

And here, you can find the entire list.

The Gateway Pundit CDC

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