Precisely Who From The Republicans That Attack Trump Is Really Insulting??? – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals!

Embattled GOP Congresswoman on Saturday discussed that those Republicans who attack Trump are also attacking all the Americans who support him.

This woman became a controversial figure resulting from debunked, fringe conspiracy theories!
She was taken off her committee assignments at the beginning of this month. Marjorie Taylor Green, Georgie, publicly shared she regrets her past words.

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During the pool spray, Green attacked Liz Cheney, House Republican Conference Chair Representative, and fellow Adam Kinzinger, GOP Representative. Greene did it because they criticized Trump in the past few weeks and even voted to impeach him.

She stated:
“I don’t have bad relationships with people in my party, but I am going to hold people accountable for their words and their actions,”
“And when people like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger attack President Trump or attack people like me, what they’re really doing is they’re attacking the people that support us.

Greene advised the Republican members and supporters to pay attention to the real enemy!

“And that’s the Democrats who last night passed a $1.9 trillion spending bill with less than 9 percent of it actually goes to COVID relief,”

According to Greene, L. Cheney, and A. Kinzinger, they should pay attention and attack the Democrats. They will destroy women’s rights and freedom regarding the ‘’Equality bill.’’

Greene said she would hold her fellow Republican members ‘’accountable.’’
She will do it because all the Republicans support Donald Trump!

Greene said that Jason Chaffetz, former Utah GOP Representative, told her that Cheney analyzed Trump’s personality. That is why she missed four years of real strides for policy-making in Washington.

“And if she thinks that the policies of Donald Trump and the Republicans over the last four years were wrong, I’d love to have her articulate that.” – Chaffetz declared.

“But I think she’s still caught up in the cult of personality, as opposed to the conservative movement where it’s going.”

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