POWER OF THE PEOPLE: Americans Took Dr. Fauci Off The Grace

A nation belongs to its people. The officials in governance are nothing else but a mare representation of the people and their ideas and beliefs of the future and the present path of the country they live in.

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This guy was more concerned about politics than medicine. Maybe if he truly cared about the people and their health, especially in the midst of a global pandemia – he would even end up getting a Nobel Prize, instead of getting cancelled and called “The TV Doctor”.

“A new poll shows that confidence in Dr.Fauci has cratered by 42.2 % among Americans in just over the past year.”

Folks responding to the poll were asked this question: “Has your confidence in Dr.Fauci gone up or down in the past year?”

42.2 %! That’s nearly half! Thank God Americans have woken up from “the Liberal’s wokeness” in less than a year!

But, the awkward part is the people stating their confidence has increased! Are they another “bug in the system” for Dr.Fauci to not look so bad overnight?!

According to the Breibart report,

“When only Republicans were asked the same question, 50.8 % said their confidence in Fauci decreased, whereas respondents with no party affiliation decreased 41.7%.

20 % of Democrats’ confidence in Fauci decreased.

In contrast, in September 2020, KFF Tracking Poll found that 68%of Americans trusted Fauci to give reliable information about the coronavirus, only declining 10 % since April 2020.

The FiveThirtyEight pollster ratings, which are “calculated by analyzing the historical accuracy of each polling organization’s polls along with its methodology,” ranked the Trafalgar Group an A-.

The Trafalgar Group poll was conducted between May 16-18 with 1093 respondents of likely general election voters. The response rate was 1.46 %, and the margin of error is 2.96 %with confidence at 95 %.”

What would be your personal answer to the poll question?


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