Post GENOCIDE: Will The Vaccine Survivors Be Enough To Create Another New Civilization???

Vaccine holocaust at its beginning.

It strives to create mass casualties worldwide with the massive growth of post-vaccine deaths. VAERS data tell us that we have 70 vaccinated dead individuals every day only in America. According to VAERS, if we multiply this number by 40, we will have real-world numbers.

On Earth, we are living 7.9 billion people. More than 43%, 3.4 billion, are already partly vaccinated.
The vaccines are killing people worldwide. A massive group of doctors, nurses, and health experts are ringing the alarm of the post-vaccine deaths numbers.

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Hospitals are called killing fields of the pandemic, where doctors, nurses, and administrators report the unvaccinated deaths and hide the vaccinated deaths.
They are all covering the actual numbers of the dead and vaccinated population to continue getting the vaccines.

Despite the efforts of criminal hospitals and Biden’s regime to hide vaccine incapability, vaccines deaths are skyrocketing.

Vaccines are causing cancer, and some doctors say that different cancer types are increasing by 2000% among the vaccinated.

Also, we have the Israel case. They have vaccinated more than 80% of the population and still experienced another very difficult wave. It is happening with the US, Vermont, with an 88% vaccination rate, and they were hit with another brutal COVID-19 wave.

Wherever the vaccine rates are higher, they face another surge of covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. I guess the virus isn’t a pandemic. The vaccines are.

How many will die globally before this crime against humanity is halted?

More than 3.4 billion vaccinated people worldwide, the question is: How many will die globally before this crime against humanity is halted?

The vaccines aim to reach global depopulation.

  • Vaccines are:
  • Killing people with blood clots and heart attacks (vascular effects).
  • Killing people with increased rates of cancer and autoimmune disorders.
  • Aborting babies and causing long-term infertility.
  • Shedding spike protein toxic nanoparticles to others, causing sickness and death even among those who did not take the jabs.
  • Attacking the nervous system and causing cognitive impairment.

Experts shared that the death rate among the vaccinated population is from 10-70%. It means that we can expect 340 million to 2.38 billion people to die.

Every day, more than 30 million doses are applied to people. Some of them are for the first dose, some second. Many reports say that the vaccine’s side effects, including death, happen after the second dose of the shot. The first dose is killing some people too, but the second dose is causing some severe side effects, including death.

Billions of casualties from the covid vaccine war on humanity?

We can see that the globalist vaccine is promoted to inject as many as 5 billion people with one dose minimum, and that’s the bioweapon for the depopulation process.

We hope that we told you the truth and will make you think twice before rushing to take the vaccine because you are scared.

See below what Dr. Paul has to tell you:

Vaccine deaths are separate from deaths caused by economic collapse, engineered famine, and war

The other factor in this craziness is that vaccines aren’t the only weapon used to clean humanity. They use many other things like:

  • Terraforming (sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere to collapse global food crops)
  • Engineered famine (food supply weaponization/scarcity)
  • Chemical exposure (pesticides, fluoride, hormone disruptors in food packaging)
  • Ecological collapse (agricultural runoff, over fishing, rainforest destruction for soy farming, GMOs, etc.)
  • Economic collapse (currency collapse, debt bomb implosions, forced lockdowns, punitive taxation, fiat currency printing)
  • Cultural collapse (attacks on the Church, the family, reason, and the rule of law)
  • Cyberwarfare (attacks on the power grid, telecommunications, etc.)

Now you can see that the vaccines are only one war against humanity, and there is a huge depopulation assault leading to starvation, disease, destitution, violence, and war.

“And by the way, treasonous actor Joe Biden just announced the restriction of monoclonal antibodies to red states, effectively declaring an act of warfare against his political enemies by denying them lifesaving medicine. This is open warfare against conservative America, and it clarifies the fact that humanity-hating globalists (and their puppets like Biden) will indeed pull out all the stops to achieve mass extermination by any means possible.

Thus, the only rational conclusion from all this is that all 7.9 billion living human beings are in grave danger of being exterminated through various means: Bioweapons, economic collapse, starvation, geoengineering, and weather weaponization, geopolitical war and so on.” Natural News reported.

Will enough knowledge and know-how survive to rebuild civilization?

What do you think, will the depopulation leave enough people to recreate the world and civilization?

Well, I don’t think so because this seems to me like total extermination of human civilization! The globalists aim that.

They want to prepare the Earth for the upcoming events, and humans shouldn’t be part of it.

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