Possibility of Wuhan Lab Leak: Biden Administration REPORT

President Joe Biden’s administration is said to have ended a State Department inquiry initiated under Mike Pompeo investigating the likelihood that the COVID pandemic originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

According to CNN, the State Department’s Arms Control and Verification Bureau investigated whether China’s biological weapons program could have played a “larger role in the pandemic’s beginnings in Wuhan.”

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Officials participating in the investigation used scientific research, as well as public and classified material, to investigate the lab leak idea, which included looking into any possible links between the virus and China’s biological weapons program.

Even after joining the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention in 1984, the US government believes China continued an offensive biological weapons program. China vehemently denies this.”

The news comes as the left media shifts its coverage of the lab leak from a conspiracy theory during the Trump administration to a reasonable idea during the Biden administration.

Following the publication of a fresh report stating that three researchers from the Wuhan lab were hospitalized in November 2019 with symptoms similar with the coronavirus, the media narrative shifted.

The Wall Street Journal reports that “Several researchers at the lab, a center for the study of coronaviruses and other infections, were sick in autumn 2019 with symptoms consistent with both Covid-19 and common seasonal illness, according to a State Department information sheet released during the closing days of the Trump administration. On the eve of a meeting of the World Health Organization’s decision-making body, which is anticipated to consider the next step of a probe into Covid-19’s origins, the number of researchers, the timing of their illnesses, and their hospital visits was revealed.”

In February, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, according to CNN, attacked the World Health Organization’s attempt to locate a source for the virus. “All countries, including China, should join in a transparent and robust mechanism for preventing and responding to health emergencies in the future, so that the world learns as much as possible as quickly as possible.” The WHO had already concluded that the outbreak was unlikely to have started in the lab and that additional investigation was unnecessary.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House infection disease chief, has changed his mind about whether the COVID virus that is driving the current pandemic had originals in a Wuhan lab after all.

Meanwhile, the media has attempted to blame former President Donald Trump for the shift in coverage. Maggie Haberman, speaking on CNN, criticized Trump and Pompeo for the “politicization” of the COVID lab leak allegation. Haberman attributed the theory’s politicization to Trump’s repetition of it after “burning his credibility” and bringing it up in a “election year.”


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