Pope Gets Mocked For Demanding The Church To Be An ‘Open Place Where Everyone Feels Welcome’

While the vaccine passports protest re raging loudly outside, inside the walls f the Holy Temple, the chosen people decide to still fool everyone with the slogan that the church is actually a place where everyone feels welcome!

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Pope Francis is a pro-vaccine advocate, that was quite notorious among the entire international community for accepting the usage of vaccines that contain parts of dead human fetus babies, while hiding under the long-living motos of the church…

And just recently, the Pope took a stand against traditionalism and in favor of progressive politics in a call for the Catholic Church to become an “open place where everyone feels welcome.”

His statements were defaced by continuous protests that took place just outside the walls of the church, where no vaccinated can no longer enter the “place where everyone feels welcome” due to the “green passes” that the Italian country recently imposed, which are, in fact, COVID vaccine passports… And in a very short time, Italians who refuse to become vaccinated will be barred from places of employment.

Indoor dining, museums, gyms, cinemas, theaters, and other normal parts of public and cultural life are not available for the unvaccinated… Can you please tell me, under which circumstances can this not be called segregation and discrimination?!

“Pope Francis “kicked off his much-talked-up 2021-2023 Synod on Synodality” by attacking traditionalist Catholics and calling for the Church to embrace the contemporary “zeitgeist” and allow the Church to become “an open place, where everyone feels at home and can participate,” Jules Gomes of Church Militant stated.

“As the Pope was preparing his remarks, Italian police attacked mostly peaceful demonstrators” armed with “water cannons, tear gas and batons.”


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