POP Quiz, Merck Caught Covering Up Aborted Human Fetal Cells! EU Bans Vax For Youngsters!

The C-19 vaccine was banned in Scandinavian countries for some groups, China warned of imminent war against the world, and we have another situation update. It starts with Pop Quiz covering ten zones where people should be prepared.

You have to watch the 25-minute-long podcast, grade yourself with 10 points for every one of the ten preparedness areas you have covered. If you reach 70+, then you are well prepared.

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Mainstream media tries to trick the public with “new math” about vaccine-injured people in the hospitals.
The mainstream media doesn’t want to stop reporting fake news. They moved on with statements like, “Nearly 13% of hospital patients with confirmed Covid were unvaccinated.” It means that 87% of the hospitalized are VACCINATED!

I guess they think people forgot how to do basic math.

Scandinavian nations ban the use of Moderna’s covid vaccine in younger people.
There were reports of young people experiencing myocarditis, blood loss, and heart attack; Sweden and Denmark first, now Finland too, banned the Moderna covid vaccine for the young population, precisely for people under 30.

The US, UK, Canada are glad that they are killing people, especially youngsters. I guess they strive for global depopulation.

Energy and power grids are rapidly collapsing in Asia and Europe.

21 out of 30 provinces struggle with rolling blackouts in China as power generation bandwidth crumbles because of coal shortages. The South China Morning Post reported that some factories are operating only one day per week.

US coal production can’t follow the global demand. However, the natural gas shortage, price increase throughout the EU has fertilizer producers reeling. Some of them have shut down, and not so long ago, Germany’s largest ammonia plant slashed its output and warned about shuttering the entire operation.

The upshot is that energy prices will trust millions of people throughout the EU and China into poverty as manufacturing is affected. It is going to be a harsh winter.

The natural gas shortage affected good production across the EU. So, the EU will face food scarcity after the 2022 harvest.

Colorado’s healthcare system orders the woman to DIE from lack of a kidney transplant because she won’t take the spike protein injection.

It seems that if you want to remain alive, first you have to destroy your organism by taking the vaccine and then go to transplant surgery.

Additionally, the letter you are going to read below is sent to a patient by UCHealth admin Katherine Hamann, the Kidney Transplant Coordinator:

The bioweapon destroys the kidneys. So, the vaccine industry damages the kidneys, brings you to a transplant and orders you to get more injections to receive the transplant.

Everything happens for more profit for Big Pharma.

Hear all this and more in today’s Situation Update podcast!

Please, hear the podcast below, and you will understand the entire insanity happening in the world.

It’s unbelievable how some people are still supporting the vaccines and force others to take them:

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