Polly the Amazing: I’m So Over Coronavirus! – Must Watch

Was the virus ever isolated? PCR testing is ineffective. Fauci, like the others who listen to him, is a foolish tool. Some of the so-called experts are insane. The test swabs had a black fungus on them. ANARCHY. EUGENICS.

I have a strong suspicion that the jab is being used as part of a eugenics operation to help kill off a huge portion of the world’s population under the guise of a “new” pandemic that would emerge in the next year or two, triggering the jab’s overreactions.

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Prepare for the worst; it’s a fear train heading our way, and the better prepared you are for the end of the year, the better. This is a battle! They are committing genocide and will not stop at this point, so reject the pressure and get out of their way.

I have the CDC’s document instructions to the labs, and it clearly states that 45 cycles should be conducted (repetitions in this doc). It’s possible I’ll publish it.

Why not go all out and get a full-on sealed bio-hazard suit? Fauci, the con artist, wants us dead!

Because Satan is the Father of All Lies, it’s become clear whose domain we’re in and how many of his minions he’s compromised, corrupted, and co-opted… There are no leaders; only misleaders exist. Follow no faulty human, except yourself.

The Lie continues to grow in size…

It’s all been a HOAX for the mentally and spiritually weak. Attempt to live free or die trying… It’s all been designed to bring in the N.W.O. in order to destroy the West and, by extension, the rest of the free world… Hunger and death is on the way… It is a human number, and it is the Beast’s mark, and that number is 666.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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