Pollsters Responsible For Giving Joe Huge Approval Numbers

Have you heard that Joe Biden is the most famous person in the universe’s history?

Yes, it seems to be real – we’re told that 82+ million Americans eagerly and enthusiastically voted for him – and that he’s more famous than both Trump and Obama – despite the fact that we’ve never seen a shred of in-person or online support for him…

It’s anything akin to a “Christmas miracle.” Biden is the political world’s “Santa Claus” – his support doesn’t really exist, but we’re always told incredible stories about it.

Joe Biden never held a real rally, according to reports, because his tens of millions of supporters were “respectful” of COVID constraints.

Is that true?

When they came out to help BLM, the same people didn’t seem to worry for COVID…

Please accept my apologies, but that doesn’t add up.

Joe’s online support is also nonexistent. Why aren’t throngs of people flocking to see the “Great Leader” give speeches and other public appearances?

There’s no one around to see what’s going on.

If we’re supposed to assume that Biden is the most famous politician in American history, we’d better have some evidence to back it up, right? It’s not about a deluge of illegitimate votes.

So, what do the handlers do when the Biden Show is questioned by the public?

So they concoct some nonsense polls claiming Biden is the most famous president on the planet, and then back up those nonsense polls with puff pieces in publications like Politico:

Check out this headline that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD: “President Biden is nearing the 100th day of his presidency. Voters seem to like him so far, but Republicans are having a hard time countering his aggressive policy agenda.”

The real magic, however, is happening with the ridiculous and completely bogus surveys.


They’re not quite that ridiculous, but they’re close…

Pew Research conducted the most recent fake survey, and what they did to get Biden to the “59 percent” mark is very amazing math magic.

Take a look at this:

“NEW: A Pew Research Center survey shows President Biden has a 59 percent job approval rate. By 30 percent, the poll oversampled Democrats. Democrats made up 65.5 percent of those polled, while Republicans made up 34.5 percent. ”



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