POLL RESULTS: Biden Dropped Approval Ratings Faster Than Any President Since 1953!

For the most supported President in the history of America, Biden sure did lose his ratings and supports among his followers pretty fast.

I guess, he really never had them – it was all a fake, as the rigid elections!

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Gallup has made a poll that presented some shocking down-ward falling results on the side of Joe Biden.

Biden, that during his first quarter as president from January to June, enjoyed approval ratings between 54 %to 57 %, with an average rating of 56 percent, dropped an unthinkable enormous amount of likings and ratings among his followers, of 11.3 %, according to Gallup!

Approval ratings in his third quarter, which began on July 20 and ended on October 19, averaged at 44.7 %, according to Gallup.

The 11.3 % point drop between Biden’s first and third quarters is the largest of any president dating back to 1953, according to Gallup.

In August, his rating hovered at 49 percent, but the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in the death of 13 U.S. servicemembers likely led to the six-point drop between August and September, according to Gallup.

Gallup’s latest poll was conducted October 1-October 19 and randomly sampled 823 adults older than 18 years of age throughout all 50 states and Washington, DC. The margin of error is plus or minus four percentage points and the confidence level of 95 %.


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