POLITICAL WAR: Tom Cotton Vs. Soros And His Minions!

Five people are officially dead after a BLM supporter plowed his car through a crowd of kids and old people at Wisconsin Christmas Parade. The media don’t want to cover this story because it doesn’t fit their narrative about the White Nationalists.

However, the reality is that a radicalized BLM supporter released a terrorist attack with his SUV, using it as a weapon, and mowed down innocent people in a white neighborhood once the ‘’not-guilty’’ verdict was reached in the Rittenhouse case.

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The girl front and center in the photo is in intensive care at this moment, with some internal injuries! The MSM doesn’t care about that because the murderer was black.

The Democrats expelled humanity out of the window!

The Christmas Parade event is an ISIS-level evil, and it makes sense that the terrorists like BLM and ANTIFA can adopt ISIS tactics to kill their foes.

The way the media is classifying these stories makes it sound like the car had an ‘’autopilot’’ that commanded it, and a person didn’t drive it, so it killed so many people.

Take a look at the headline.

It’s funny how they shared that it wasn’t terrorism. They only needed 15 minutes to conclude, but they couldn’t realize why he did that.

The crucial question is, why did this criminal get out with $1,000 bail? He’s a criminal and child sex offender and was still out, but the non-violent patriots from January 6 are still in prison.

Soros linked DA; John Chisholm is the man who introduced this bad reform into place and allowed five people to be slaughtered in the streets.

Check this out:

The bail report is as bad as the ‘’Defund the Police’’ thing from the communist left.

Communists think that the real criminals represent political dissidents, but the rapists, murderers, and child sex offenders could be rehabilitated with therapy and love.

A few years ago, Soros financially supported prosecutors that have a Marxist mindset.

Tom Cotton attacked and opened a war against Soros and his minions. He’s calling it out and demanding every Soros prosecutor to be recalled.

This is what fight means! We call out the big guy, ‘’the man who must not be named’’ and we will destroy his plan to destroy America.

If you thought that CRT was bad, you should wait to get a load of what the left attempted to do with criminal reform!

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