Pfizer Wants to Control The F.D.A. And Facilitate Sweeping Redactions Of The Court-Ordered Disclosure Of Their Vaccine Side Effects Data!

Public Health and Medical professionals for Transparency filed a FOIA request asking the F.D.A. to release the safety data on Pfizer’s vaccine. The shot causes some serious side effects and can’t stop the C-19 diagnosis, hospitalization, and mortality.

The F.D.A. stated that the data couldn’t be shared for the next 20 years.

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The U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman ordered the release of these documents for 55,000 pages monthly; the endeavor would take eight months. The F.D.A. asked that the request would need 75 years to process.

However, Pfizer and the F.D.A. lost the case, and Judge Pittman ruled the release of the data searching for Transparency.

Pfizer is trying to collude with F.D.A., redact their vaccine safety data

Now Pfizer, with its lawyers, wants to control how the F.D.A. shares their vaccine safety data. Fourteen days after the directive, Pfizer asked the court to allow the company to intervene in the F.D.A.’s disclosure of their documents.

Pfizer attorneys wanted to make sure that their data wasn’t disclosed inappropriately under the FOIA request.

Additionally, the company wasn’t to get its own team of internal regulators to help the F.D.A.

The court filings say that Pfizer “seeks to leave to intervene in this action for the limited purpose of ensuring that information exempt from disclosure under FOIA is adequately protected as F.D.A. complies with this Court’s order.” The F.D.A. is also asking the court to allow Pfizer to police the release of its own safety data “due to the unprecedented speed with which the Court has ordered F.D.A. to process the records at issue.”

The F.D.A. states they anticipate that Pfizer will coordinate with the agency to satisfy its views and ensure that specific records not be published. Department of Justice attorneys wrote: “F.D.A. anticipates that coordination with Pfizer to obtain the company’s views as to which portions of the records are subject to Exemption 4, the Trade Secrets Act, 18 U.S.C. § 1905, or other statutory protections will be a necessary component of the agency’s endeavors to meet the extraordinary exigencies of this case.”

Pfizer plans to fight against the court-ordered Transparency of their second-degree murder operation.

The Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency saw through the F.D.A.’s ploy to conceal critical pharmacovigilance data.

“Even though the F.D.A. has more than sufficient resources to expeditiously produce the requested documents, and the agency has repeatedly stated its commitment to protecting Pfizer’s interests, Pfizer could still [be allowed to] assist the F.D.A. with expediting release of the requested documents,” the plaintiffs warned. “Pfizer, however, provides no reason why it needs to intervene in this matter to render that purported assistance. Nor can Plaintiff discern why Pfizer needs to intervene in this matter to assist the F.D.A. with expediting release of the requested documents—it can render this assistance without intervening.”

The first release of the Pfizer documents shows that the F.D.A. and Pfizer knew that the vaccine would kill many people and injure even more. However, it is unproven that the F.D.A. and Pfizer premeditated these crimes against humanity.

Second-degree murder is codified in law as being “caused by the offender’s reckless conduct that displays an obvious lack of concern for human life.”

Pfizer announced that they would comply with the J8 court order and do not “presently intend to move the Court to reconsider.”

Pfizer added that they weren’t in a position to waive their responsibilities. However, they left an open possibility that they would reject the court order if circumstances changed.

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