Pfizer Scientist: The Vaccine Just Simply – Doesn’t Work!

Scientist Nick Carl, a current employee at pharma giant Pfizer, was caught n camera with an intriguing admission!

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To make it worse – he said that his boss didn’t want to bother and waste time investigating further!!!

Here’s what he stated, not knowing he was being filmed on camera!

Nick Karl: It was like the first experiment I did. And like this person got the vax twice and had no antibody responses and I was like, “Did this sample get like labeled wrong?” Like I was like, questioning it and my boss was like, “Who cares it just didn’t work.” I’m like, “What?”

Undercover Project Veritas Reporter: So the vaccine didn’t work?

Nick Karl: I guess so. I don’t know. He didn’t want me to investigate it further. He was like, “I really don’t care about this one sample that didn’t work.” Like I guess there’s a small percentage where it just doesn’t work.

Undercover Project Veritas Reporter: Really?

Nick Karl: Yeah.

Undercover Project Veritas Reporter: Just for like, some people the vaccine just doesn’t work?

Nick Karl: I guess so Dude, I don’t know. I don’t know how to answer that question. My boss was just like “Looks like it didn’t work.” And I was like, “What do you mean?” Like, and he was just like, “Whatever.”

Here’s the video. Don’t miss sharing it!

Seems like more and more is coming out in relation to Pfizer.


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