Pfizer Has A History Of Killing Kids: Malkin Shared What Parents Have To Know!

Michelle Malkin has been one of the warriors on the right in the past few years. Many conservatives say that they oppose “cancel culture.”

However, Malkin really thinks it and has supported people like Nick Fuentes when others have denounced them.

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Furthermore, she was brave and took positions that would put her in trouble with conservative outlets that attempt to remain respectable in Washington or Silicon Valley.

Michelle shared a new article,” What Every Parent Must Know About Pfizer.”

You have to read it because now we have so much information about Pfizer, and none of them are good.

Quote: “Twenty-five years ago, Pfizer sent a team to Nigeria during a meningitis outbreak. They conducted an “open-label” (unblinded) clinical trial involving 200 children. Half of them were given Pfizer’s new antibiotic Trovan, and half of them received the standard gold treatment, ceftriaxone.”


We have a gold standard and cheap treatment.

“Pfizer used substantially lower doses of ceftriaxone to rig the trial results in favor of Trovan. At the time of the Kano trial, Pfizer was pushing for FDA approval of their latest potential billion-dollar cash cow for pediatric use. Eleven Nigerian children died: five after receiving Pfizer’s product and six after receiving lower-than-normal doses of the older drug.” Malkin added.

One 10-year-old girl was kept on Trovan even though the drug was ineffective, resulting in death.

There’s evidence that Pfizer performed the experiments on Nigerian children without approval. The whistleblower stated that Pfizer bribed officials and cut safety concerns to continue the study.

“Eventually, after a long lawsuit over this unauthorized human experimentation, Pfizer settled for $75 million, but that $75 million bought them something even more valuable: A strict confidentiality clause. Even that settlement only came after Wikileaks published documents proving that Pfizer tried to dig up dirt on a Nigerian prosecutor so they could blackmail him into backing off.” Red Voice Media stated.

We ask if Pfizer gives money to make sure that the US tries to imprison Julian Assange,

In 2009, Pfizer gave $2.3 billion for a medical fraud case where they paid the healthcare workers kickbacks to prescribe their products. Also, the company had to pay $300 million in settlements when the anti-smoking drug made the population taking it wants to commit suicide.

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