Pfizer Cover-Up Of Adverse Event In COVID Vaccine Clinical Trials

The existence of adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines is undeniable. But, the covering up of numerous cases, improper media coverage, because it is completely contrary to the government’s narrative is a criminal deed!

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This story about Maddie de Garay has been floating around for a while, but it still has not gotten the attention it deserves.


“Hi, my name is Stephanie de Garay, and this is my daughter Maddie. When she was 12 years old, she participated in the Pfizer COVID vaccine trial for 12 to 15-year-olds at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. So it’s been over nine months since she got her second dose. She can’t walk. She’s in a wheelchair. She has an NG tube for all of her nutrition. She has constant pain in her stomach, back, and neck. She was over there laying on chairs because she can’t make it through this. She can’t feel her legs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The New England Journal of Medicine article about the Pfizer COVID vaccine in adolescence. So, first, take note that the principal investigator for Maddie’s trial is the lead author for the New England Journal of Medicine article. The Adverse Events section has 308 words. Seventy-six of those were dedicated to describing one single patient that had simply a temperature greater than 40 degrees. Not great to have. But yeah, I think this is a little more severe. There’s absolutely no mention of any of Maddie’s adverse reactions in that article. Zero. In the EUA amendment, Maddie’s adverse reaction was reduced to five lines that they claim was eventually diagnosed as functional abdominal pain. It’s a stomachache. Does your child when they have a stomachache, does that put your child in a wheelchair? Does your child’s stomachache require a feeding tube? Does your child spend 64 days in a hospital for their stomach ache? If they did a urine test when they have a stomach ache, but there’d be blood in their urine? I don’t think so. I thought that Maddie would be in the best hands possible. In the rare chance, she has a severe reaction. That was not the case.” – Stephanie de Garay


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