Pfizer Confessed: Huge Increase In C-19 Vaccine Side Effects!

The documents from New Zealand’s Freedom of Information Act show that Pfizer knew about a significant increase in side effects from their vaccine.

The Daily Telegraph from New Zealand reported:

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Up until now, New Zealand GPs and hospitals have been provided with a fact sheet from Pfizer listing 21 possible adverse events as a result of vaccination.

All of these are minor, requiring little or no treatment other than rest, with the exception of severe allergic reactions, myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart). As a result, most of the many thousands of New Zealanders reporting adverse effects post vaccination have been sent home with little more than advice to take an aspirin and rest. Some have been told that their conditions may be unrelated medical events, psychosomatic, or due to anxiety on their part.

Gut Hatchard said, “Many of the new 100+ listed new adverse event types now released by Pfizer in this 38-page document pose long term risks to health …. Until very recently, the document was being withheld by Pfizer, who maintained it should be kept confidential. There is a strong possibility that very large numbers of New Zealanders will suffer long-term injury as a result.”

From these findings, we can see that the public health authorities could underreport the number of vaccine adverse reactions, including death.

“Relying on the short official Pfizer fact sheet as a guide, Medsafe, our NZ medicines regulatory body, has only accepted one out of the 100+ deaths actually reported to them as related to vaccination. Most are listed as unrelated, under investigation, or unknowable. By contrast, the NZ Health Forum and other groups have collected unofficial reports of adverse effects and death proximate to vaccination. Out of 670+ reports of death compiled by the Forum, 270 have already been investigated by medical professionals and are closely linked to known adverse effects. Following the publication of the new Pfizer document, many more are expected to be connected with vaccination,” said Hatchard.

The implications of the exposure in New Zealand have global ramifications, especially when they consider how this disastrous methodology is giving a false impression of the seriousness of the pandemic.

The reverted C-19 death count has promoted the C-19 crisis story.

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