Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Calls For “Greater Compliance” With Annual COVID Vaxes

So, Pfizer is now developing a vaccine to ensure “greater compliance” among populations?

They clearly don’t want to give up on future guaranteed profits from COVID – despite the fact restrictions and masks are being flushed down the toilet.

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He made this revelation during an April 15 press briefing organized by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations.

“What the world really needs is a vaccine that can last a year. A vaccine that will be taken once a year is way easier to administer and to have the population be compliant with it,” said Bourla. Touting it as “the optimal public health solution,” he argued that a yearly shot made compliance with vaccine mandates easier compared to shots injected every three to four months.

Bourla also lamented people’s lukewarm reception toward booster doses, citing the dwindling number of recipients for subsequent doses after the second. This, he explains, is one of the main reasons why Pfizer is working to create an annual vaccine.

“The issue is that right now, we are – in many, many countries – in the fourth dose, and that creates fatigue. Way more people got the second [dose] than the third, [and] I think the compliance with the fourth dose will not be as high. [We] realized that people will not comply with the fourth or fifth vaccination. This is why we need to come up with scientific innovations that will allow us to have a vaccine that is annual.”

Aside from the lack of enthusiasm toward boosters, Bourla also denounced the “politicization” of vaccines during the press briefing.

“I think that what didn’t help at all, and this was a very big issue, was the fact that there was a politicization. It became a political statement [to get] a vaccine or [to] wear a mask or not, and that caused tremendous damage to global health.”

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