Peter Doocy Once Again Prves That He’s Keeping Psaki Under Close Survailance

Peter Doocy could be a PROFESSOR in the current global and American political events. He knows exactly what’s going on and no one can fool him. He would definitely be a better PR than White House secretary, Jen Psaki.

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The extremely dangerous, and hazardous 3.5 trillion dollars “infrastructure” bill is obviously the only thing that Biden’s admin is thinking about – they simply must pass it, in order to get a fortune out of it in their own pockets!

They don’t mind the global crisis – they’re only interested in stealing from the people!

And Jen Psaki really went all-out during yesterday’s press conference, where she actually told Peter Doocy that the $3.5 trillion bill is “all paid for” and therefore costs nothing.

But smart and well-informed reporter Peter Doocy once again slipped her on her way to spreading lousy misinformation.

Here’s what the New York Times reported on the matter.

“Democratic leaders worked feverishly on Monday to cobble together the votes needed to push their $3.5 trillion budget blueprint through the House, facing an internal revolt from moderates who have vowed to block the measure until a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan is passed.

But after a day of frenetic negotiations, Democrats ultimately scrapped tentative plans for a vote on Monday. Lawmakers went home shortly after midnight without a clear agreement on how to pave the way for Congress to move quickly to enact an ambitious expansion of the nation’s social safety net over Republican opposition.

While approval of the budget proposal would be a critical step for President Biden’s agenda, its fate was in doubt as divisions in the party flared, pitting a faction of conservative-leaning Democrats against the progressive majority. The House is set to reconvene at noon on Tuesday, and lawmakers are expected to begin debate on the measure.”



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