People Who Have Been Vaccinated Contracting COVID are Becoming Concerned as Scientists are Unable to Provide Answers

While the government is urging everyone in the United States to get vaccinated, scientists are concerned by evidence showing that people who have already been vaccinated appear to have less protection than previously assumed.

Vaccinated people are catching the virus at alarmingly high rates and appear to be transmitting it to others. There is also fear that vaccine recipients are not immune to serious illness.

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When there is minimal data to back up the effectiveness of vaccines, it is difficult for the public to make vaccine decisions due to a lack of specific knowledge. There also appears to be little data on the potential for adverse responses if people are vaccinated.

“We have to be humble about what we do know and what we don’t know. There are a few things we can say definitively. One is that this is a hard question to address.” – Dr. Tom Frieden, a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  

“It’s quite clear that we have more breakthroughs now. We all know someone who has had one. But we don’t have great clinical data.” – Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease expert at the University of California

The absence of information makes it difficult for those who have been vaccinated and are concerned about contracting the virus to determine whether or not they are protected. While there have been case studies on breakthrough infections, the data appears to be inconsistent.

Over the July 4th holiday weekend in Provincetown, Massachusetts, one of the largest breakout outbreaks occurred. Over the weekend, 469 persons were infected with the coronavirus, with roughly three out of four of them having been vaccinated. The CDC advised vaccinated people to wear masks in specific situations as a result of the epidemic.

According to Israeli research, the vaccine’s effectiveness declines over time, resulting in more vaccinated people developing the coronavirus. According to the findings, those who were vaccinated early in life are more likely to get serious disease.

According to some studies, the issue is the delta variation, and the vaccine is no longer effective.

Why are we seeing an increase in the number of people who have been vaccinated contracting the coronavirus? In actuality, no one seems to be able to deliver that response. Despite this, the government continues to urge for everyone to get vaccinated, despite the fact that no one seems to know how effective the vaccine is.


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