People Are Wondering if “China” is Writing Their Tweets After CBS Posted a Strange Message

We’re hearing a lot of the same allegations we heard when COVID initially arrived – assertions that hospitals are overflowing with COVID-sick folks as the Delta Variant “surges.”

The problem with the 2020 narrative is that new organizations like CBS exploited B-roll footage from overcrowded Italian hospitals while reporting on allegedly overflowing New York hospitals.

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That scandal was covered by Fox News.

After airing footage of an overcrowded hospital room that was reportedly in New York City but was actually from an Italian hospital, CBS News confessed to a “error” on Monday.

“It was a clerical error. A CBS News spokeswoman told Fox News, “We took quick steps to remove it from all platforms and shows.”

Hundreds of medical personnel also performed synchronized dancing and “Titanic” recreations as hospitals were reportedly “overflowing” amid the “deadly pandemic.”


It was a really perplexing statement, similar to what we’ve seen with COVID in the past – continual ambiguity and weird messaging.

And now, with the Delta variation, the same narrative about hospitals being overburdened and excessive wait times is being repeated.

And CBS has just added to the uncertainty by broadcasting yet another odd message about “overflowing” Texas hospitals.

The way they wrote their tweet sparked a lot of questions, and some people speculated that China was composing it.


Here’s what CBS had to say:

“Patients at a rural Texas ER have been forced to wait thousands of minutes: “This is something we’ve never seen before. Ever.”

The phrase “thousands of minutes” piqued people’s interest. To begin with, a “thousand minutes” is roughly 17 hours… As a result, “thousands” of minutes would be equivalent to an entire day… Is it true that folks have been waiting for a day or more? It’s illogical.

Also, in the United States, we don’t use that term to describe the passage of time.

The entire message had an odd vibe to it.

Here’s what others on the internet had to say:

“Thousands of minutes,” huh? Sounds like some clown in Bejing wrote this for CBS.”

“You guys can’t just copy+paste what the CCP sends you every morning. At least try and westernize it a bit”

“Thousands of minutes. Really? Anything to exaggerate the details. Hours or days didn’t do it for you? Thousands of minutes must have more fear pizazz. And you can’t figure out why the media has lost trust.”

“millions of seconds.”

“thousands of minutes”? Why make up units of time? “

“What is CBS doing talking like this, Americans don’t say stuff like this. Who’s writing these tweets? China?”

“Nice, China now spending “thousands of minutes” writing tweets for CBS.” 

“Article links to a 2020 article as if it was recent. Pathetic.”

This feels like “here we go again,” with more of the same artificial fear and frenzy as when COVID initially hit.

People are tired of it, and they notice the tiny games and tricks that the media plays on us for “thousands of minutes” every day.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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