Pelosi’s Daughter’s Attempt To Humiliate DeSantis Ends Up With Harsh Attack On Her Due To Her Mother’s Stupidity

The entire situation looks like a boomerang!
Pelosi’s daughter passed the borders this time!

Christine Pelosi wanted to be in the middle of the press attention via her Twitter account! But, everything ended to her disadvantage.
Younger Pelosi wanted to criticize and humiliate Gov. DeSantis, marking it as her worst decision –EVER!
The Leftists fear DeSantis, which is correct because he is a skillful man.

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But they always try to attack him with the COVID situation! Guys, bear in mind that the numbers aren’t in your favor!
Many leftists say that DeSantis’s efforts ended up being very successful if you didn’t know.

The deaths in Florida aren’t significantly higher than at the national level. Also, remember that the unemployment rate here is 5.1%, and in California is 8.7%, and in New York surpasses 8.7%, lastly in Texas is 6.9%.

Furthermore, the children in Florida go to school since last fall.

Besides all these advantages, Christine Pelosi tweeted:

She can’t or doesn’t want to understand that the COVID situation doesn’t have to do with the spring break situation.

But, stupidity is something that she cannot avoid. It was her mother’s decision that snuck up Christine.

Can you remember last year, at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, and Pelosi visited China Town, San Francisco, and advised the people to go to parties?

But, Trump supporters didn’t need much time to remember the previous sentence and slam it in Christine’s face!
See below:

Christine is the only one responsible for this humiliation, and if she could think a little bit, everything would be much easier!

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