Pelosi Wants To Imprison Gosar! Lawmakers Want To Censor And JAIL The Congressman For VIDEO!

One week ago, Congressman Paul Gosar’s staff shared one animated video on his Twitter account. The video is funny and harmless. It is an advertisement for the upcoming animated TV show Attack On Titan. If you haven’t watched it you can find it online; it’s very popular these days. You have to watch it on Hulu.

They Photoshopped Gosar’s face over the leading character in the shot. You will see how he fights the evil forces, which AOC and Biden represent.

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We know that the Dems Party wants to censor everything that doesn’t fit their narrative and everything that mocks them.

Precisely that is why they want to censor these videos and persons.

61 Dems have co-sponsored one resolution to censor Gosar because of this video officially. Barney Frank wasn’t censored for running a brothel out of his apartment.

The sponsor, Jackie Spier, stated that Gosar incited violence. That’s a lie and evil move from the Dems party, which isn’t even a surprise.

They’ve spread the lie that American police officers were racists who hunt down black Americans. They covered the Antifa and the BLM that burned down cities.

Fake Republicans including Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger supported this censure too.

Will we get to see Cheney’s censure egging on America’s worthless war in Afghanistan or Syria?

Maybe instead of censuring this person because he shared a funny video, they have to censor those responsible for the Kabul airstrike that killed civilians.

Nancy Pelosi called for both an ethics inquiry and a law enforcement investigation of Gosar. She is saying that he can face criminal fines for a funny video.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy called Gosar, but we can’t possibly know if it was supporting because it wasn’t shared with the public. The Republicans had to support Gosar and refuse to accept the censure due to such a stupid video.

This is why the Republican Party loses.

Some commentator at The Hill whined that it was “crass, but legal.” No, it’s not even crass.
It is only a crazy and stupid video based on a TV Show! The Dems killed millions of people, and we haven’t testified to either one censure.


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