Pelosi Thinks Playing Dumb Would Avoid the Election Slaughter: ‘I Haven’t Seen The Analysis’

The Democrat slaughter that happened in Virginia on Tuesday is something the media definitely avoids representing in the right form as well.

And Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, decided to follow that example.

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“Each election is different,” she began. “As you know, I was former party chair and I always know, let’s look down into the numbers and see what it is. But I do think as the American people learn more about what we are doing in this legislation, for families, for children, for women in the workforce to save our planet, and the rest it will be very positive. You can’t deny that it would be very positive.”

“Do you think — do you think Democrats were penalized for having not gotten these things done?”, a reporter asked.

“I — again, I haven’t seen all of the analysis, and I know from my own experience that as I’ve said to you before, the plural of anecdote is not data. Let’s see what the data is as it comes out. But there’s no question. I’m heartbroken because Terry McAuliffe is a great leader in our country and was a great governor — of Virginia, and I hoped that he was a once and future governor. But also, we’re all interested in down-ballot races as well. So I haven’t seen much of that. New Jersey, a nice victory. I spoke to the governor this morning to congratulate him. And again, we’ll be working together to build back better. But without saying what impact it had, it’s always a positive message to have results that are understood by the public,” Pelosi added.

Pelosi has every right to panic!


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