Pelosi Put A Fence Around The Capitol, But Not Around The Border!

As you can see, the Democrats couldn’t care less about the American nation. Pelosi can pretend to be intimidated and shaken by the Riot attacks and immediately put a wire to secure the Capitol from similar events.

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But, she’s not intimidated by the alien citizens and possible terrorists who could enter the state, because she doesn’t seem to care to close the borders?
Something is very rotten in this state of ours, and it smells from above…

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of The House empowered a task force in the formation of a “quick reaction force” of federal officers to secure the Capitol.  “We suffered a devastating attack on the Capitol that threatened the lives of and traumatized Members of Congress, staff, and support workers,” she announced.

Like that would erase that she is responsible for denying the possibility of attacks on January the 6th and canceling the orders of extra reinforcement.

You’re late, Nancy!

And the one to lead the team of experts in a security review would be the retired U.S. Army General,  Russel Honoré. would lead a team of experts in a security review of the Capitol following the riot.

Even more, a fence similar to the one in prisons, and maximum security was seen yesterday around the Capitol, since there were numerous videos from citizens around the states, regarding the possibility of President Trump’s comeback. However, this is purely symbolic, since the 4th of March has been the day Presidents were inaugurated in the USSA since the 1930s!

However, immense expenses were made, solely because of viral news and possible threats from the very citizens.

And Pelosi immediately reacts.

But she doesn’t react to worse possible threats coming from outside the state borders?!

Maybe this is more financially suitable for her and Biden’s administration. Since, as reported, “the quick reaction force” – or QRF, “would be manned 24/7, 365 days a year, and cost taxpayers between $40 and $130 million annually.”


Ava Garcia

A small town girl, dreaming big, expecting to change the world with presenting the truthful events of the world today. Law degree with a master in criminology, and a devoted journalist for over 7 years, and counting. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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