Pelosi Is Not Sure Concerning Newsom

The Democrats in California are a ruthless bunch. As one of their own, Governor Gavin Newsom, walks the path to political oblivion, Democrats are squabbling about who will succeed him. Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat in the US House of Representatives, does not want that to happen because she controls the Ken doll governor.

As a result, Pelosi has given a note, a shot across the bow, to state Democrats who are already dancing a jig on Newsom’s political grave and hoping to run against him in the recall election: Don’t.

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“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday endorsed troubled California Gov. Gavin Newsom and discounted any suggestion that Democrats should run a back-up candidate as an insurance policy during Newsom’s possible recall election later this year,” according to FNC. Pelosi indicated that supporters of former President Donald Trump are funding the recall campaign, and that Democrats should all work to keep Newsom in office. To force a special election later this year, proponents of Newsom’s recall campaign required 1.5 million valid signatures from California residents by March 17. The effort’s organizers say they received 2.1 million signatures by the deadline.

Election officials have until April 29 to verify signatures for a final count, but the governor has admitted that the attempt to force an election was possibly successful.”

“I assume it is an unnecessary notion,” Pelosi says. I don’t think it really qualifies as an idea… I believe the governor will be successful in defeating this, and we will all assist him… The governor will defeat this initiative, maintain his position as governor, and go on to win another election.”

“Unnecessary” is the main word here. Knowing Pelosi, that means a lot to other people who want to run for governor. If you don’t want to be thinking about it, don’t even think about it.

Pelosi acknowledges that since Newsom is so controversial, Democrats cannot afford to split their votes between two or more candidates. Newsom needs everyone’s help, which means she had to give the alert because others don’t. If there isn’t an immediate threat, you don’t fire a warning shot.

She’s already attempting to connect the recall election to Trump, as you can see above. As a result, she and Newsom would campaign for something other than his position as California governor. Trump, Covid, bogus climate problems, and a slew of other non-germane topics will be discussed. Since running on his record as governor would almost certainly result in defeat.

Other Democrats, however, who smell blood in the water, as well as Republican challenger Kevin Faulconer, might not be so easily fooled. Regardless of what Pelosi says, Newsom is in for a tough ride.


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