Pelosi Blames Climate Change For ‘Humanitarian Challenges’ at the Border

Climate change, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), has led to the influx of migrant children crossing the US-Mexico border.

“There are more infants, about 600, 700 more children, coming across the border unaccompanied,” Pelosi said. This is a humanitarian issue that we must all address.

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The administration inherited a fractured border system, which they are trying to fix in the best interests of the children. I’m thrilled that the president has sent FEMA to the border as a temporary intervention to assist the children in transitioning from a 72-hour situation where they are cared for before being returned to family homes or homes that are safe for them. So, once again, this is a transition from what was incorrect to what is now right. Of course, we must also include Central America, Mexico, and the United States.

“My most recent trip to the northern triangle, which is Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador,” she said. You’ve seen the effects of climate change. Because of the drought, these people were forced to leave. They couldn’t farm, so they had to find other means of subsistence. There are many reasons to examine this, including the fact that we must deal with it at the border, where some of the people arriving are seeking asylum. I enjoy quoting our Evangelical friends whenever possible.

We had a majority of the members say to us at one of our hearings. The refugee resettlement policy in the United States is the crown jewel in American humanitarianism. As a result, we have such obligations that we must fulfill. We need a structure that can handle that, and that is exactly what the Biden administration is working on.”


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