Pelosi and Biden Are Bound To Go Down in 2022 For Sure With This Failproof Plan

A group of Boston Republicans told former White House strategist Steve Bannon that former President Donald Trump will come roaring back in 2024, suggesting that he may be elected to Congress for the first time, replace Nancy Pelosi as speaker and launch impeachment proceedings against President Biden.

Bannon said in a speech at Lincoln Day Breakfast, “Going forward, we can turn the Republican Party into more of a MAGA movement… just immerse the (Make America Great Again) movement with the Republican Party, and we’re going to have massive victories in the future.”

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Bannon also floated the possibility of Trump becoming speaker of the House in 2022 and impeaching President Biden during his address to the West Roxbury Ward 20 Republican Committee on Saturday, the same day that Trump was convicted by the Senate in his impeachment trial.

“Bannon later added, “Trump is a disruptor, but he has a long-term vision and I fully trust in the marrow of my bones that he will be our candidate in 2024. “He’s coming back to us. In 2022, we will have a sweeping win, and in 2024, he will lead us.’

Bannon, who in the 2020 election endorsed the false claims of massive voter fraud and argued that Trump won, said his plan is for Trump to run for Congress in 2022 and that he is running for House Speaker.

“We’re getting rid of Nancy Pelosi completely, and President Trump’s first act as speaker will be to impeach Joe Biden for his illegal activities of stealing the presidency,” Bannon said, leading to Boston Republican applause and hollers.

Bannon told the crowd they “need every day to face this radical Biden administration.”

Politics, he emphasized during his speech, could no longer be thought of as Republicans versus Democrats.

“Bannon said, adding, “This is what I think the future of this movement is… It’s between populists, nationalists, traditionalists versus these kinds of globalists, elites, secular revolutionaries…” We’re going to have a huge element of the disaffected Democrats who are starting to come over.

I agree with it 100 percent,” Murray said, later adding, “The Trump brand is not over. Donald Trump’s first tweet, MAGA, America, is extremely popular, and that message will continue to be extremely popular.

As he pledged during the 2016 campaign, the leaders of the “We Build The Wall” community were willing to help the president build a “big, beautiful” barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border. They raised more than $25 million from thousands of donors and promised that the project would use 100 percent of the money.



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