PCR Sales Increased Enormously In Wuhan Prior To The 1st Official C-19 Case Was Shared!

Spending money on tests for them to detect the newly discovered virus that emerged from Wuhan sounds like something was previously planned.

The firm followed the sales of PCR tests in the past few years and exposed that an approximately 50% increase was noted between 2018 and 2019. This finding suggests that the virus circulated in zones during the summer of 2019 before Beijing publicized it.

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The PCR tests detect specific viruses, and they totaled 19.1 million yuan in 2016 and 67.4 million yuan in 2019.

“These findings challenge existing assumptions around when the pandemic began and support further investigation. The study concludes that a significant increase in spending in PCR equipment correlates to the spread of COVID-19,” the report stated.

“We assess with medium confidence the significant increase from 2018 to 2019 in Hubei province (67.4 million yuan of total PCR equipment in 2019) is due to an event like the emergence of COVID-19,” the report added.

“Finally, we assess with high confidence that the pandemic began much earlier than China informed the WHO about COVID-19.”

The investigation was performed via an analysis of 1.716 procurement contracts from 2007 to the end of 2019. Furthermore, it identified a notable, significant, and abnormal amount of PCR equipment sales in 2019 from Wuhan based institutions, including” People’s Liberation Army Airborne Army Hospital (May 2019), The Wuhan Institute of Virology (November 2019), the Wuhan University of Science and Technology (October 2019), and the Hubei Province Districts Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (May–December 2019).”

The first C-19 case was officially reported on December 31, 2019, but we can’t know the exact cause of the outbreak.

Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke, co-host of Truth Over News on Epoch TV, tried to find the virus’s roots and origins. Michael Shoebridhe, the director of defense at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, stated Internet 2.0’s report gives more information to help in finding the truth of the virus’s origin.

“PCR test equipment is now widely associated with accurate COVID tests, but it has much wider uses in genetic and biotechnological research, so a surge in the procurement of this equipment doesn’t necessarily mean that a disease outbreak had occurred. Other explanations could be an acceleration of different lines of research,” he told The Epoch Times in an email.

He also emphasized that it doesn’t rule out Internet 2.0’s conclusion that the Chinese regime may have attempted to deal with a possible outbreak.

“Of course, this is exactly what Chinese authorities don’t want to happen, and so data reconstruction and discovery like that done by Internet 2.0 will remain a means for pursuing a further investigation,” he added. “I wouldn’t discount other information coming to light from disclosures from within China, as there have been precedents in other areas of activity, such as leaks of government documents about Xinjiang.”

“The simple fact that disclosure of what happened is obviously in the interests of anyone who wants to prevent future pandemics means that CCP behavior to frustrate this knowledge opens a gap between the interests of the regime governing China and the populations of China and the rest of the world. That gap is likely only to broaden as time passes.”

The Epoch Times

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