PayPal Gets Publicly Humiliated Trying to “Go Woke”

Corporations are becoming more Conscious.

Organizations and corporations in the United States are committing the same fatal error that sports franchises and Hollywood have made: they are integrating politics into their business models.

Also after watching NBA, NFL, MBA, and Hollywood ratings plummet, they continue to do so.

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They’ve lost a lot of popularity among Americans.

I’m not sure how much louder and clearer we, the people, can make it – we DON’T want politics mixed with our entertainment or anything we purchase.

The story comes to an end at this stage.

Furthermore, the fact that these wokesters are so hypocritical and clueless doesn’t improve matters.

It just exacerbates their plight.

Take, for example, the recent “voter ID” uproar.

Despite the fact that polls show that most Americans support voter ID, businesses and sports franchises are lining up to call it “racist.”

They claim as if minorities are so illiterate that they can’t find out how to vote in a country where identification is required everywhere.

It’s one of the most ridiculous claims ever.

And PayPal, the online “money-transfer” company, has just learned the hard way that making this dumb pitch is a bad idea.

PayPal has agreed to enter the political fray and oppose the Georgia voter integrity bill, which allows voters to show identification in order to vote.

However, things went horribly wrong for PayPal when a customer demanded that her account be opened without a photo ID.

PayPal’s response is both funny and insightful.

Unfortunately, PayPal informed their customer that an ID is needed to open an account, and there is no way around it.

That’s fascinating, isn’t it?

Laugh out loud!

Take a look:

Some of the comments:

“Does that mean that paypal is racist? Should it be boycotted?”

“In order to have PayPal I think you need a bank account and in order to open a bank account you need an ID. And you need an ID for a bank account so the government can monitor your bank account for suspicious activity.”

“why are you being racist you know I don’t have ID. Why can’t I open an account!!!!  “

“PayPal is racist”

“How are black people supposed to sign up for PayPal without an ID, you bunch of racists? You can’t be expecting black people to have an ID. Expecting black people to have an ID is Jim Crow 2.0. I’m disappointed in you PayPal!”


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