Parent Accuses Gov’t Of Misleading Public After Injured Children Died After The Shot!

‘Now I go home to an empty house.’

Tucson, AZ: Parents accuse the government of misleading the public about the safety of the c-19 shots after their children experienced severe side effects, and some of them ended up tragically.

Two parents raised their voices at a conference organized by a coronavirus shot critic Senator Ron Johnson on November 2, the clips of which were broadcast as part of the Truth for Health Foundation’s Wednesday installment of the stop the shot conference called: “The Vaccines & Children: What are the Risks?”

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Ernesto Ramirez is a single father of a 16-year-old Ernesto Ramirez Jr., who died after getting the Pfizer vaccine.

He warned the conference that “we’re going to have more deaths on our hands than they planned. And they say it’s worth the risk. It wasn’t worth the risk to me.”

He took the abortion-tainted mRNA shot on April 19, and after five days, he died of an enlarged heart, double its size.

The father Ramirez took the Moderna shot at the beginning of this year, and he said that he thought the Pfizer vaccine “no doubt was safe for teenagers” and subsequently asked his only son to take the shot, believing it was “the right thing to do.”

“It was like playing Russian roulette,” he later stated. “My government lied to me. They said it was safe. Now I go home to an empty house.”

Ramirez cited a study detailing severe side effects and heart conditions in teenagers, like myocarditis and pericarditis. These side effects were reported recently.

“Why wasn’t this information released until October 1 this year?” he asked. “If we had known this, my son would be here with me. That’s child abuse right there.”

“They knew what was happening. I consider that murder,” he continued.

“I love the hell out of my country,” Ramirez said, “but I don’t trust my government anymore. I’m here because I’m Junior’s voice; I’m doing this in his honor. If I could protect one or two children [by speaking out], that means the world to me. And I’m going to continue this fight.”

Maddie de Garay took the vaccine at 12 and is permanently disabled and has health problems.

Stephanie de Gray appeared alongside her daughter, Maddie de Garay, whom she had entered into Pfizer’s Coronavirus shot trial for 12 to 15 years old children and now has terrible injuries and permanent disabilities.

She told the conference that her daughter was a healthy girl when she entered the Pfizer trial together with her brother Lucas. Lucas was given the placebo, and it is very well right now.

In the nine months since Maddie got the second dose of the vaccine, her health worsened. “She can’t walk, she’s in a wheelchair, she has an N.G. [nasogastric] tube for all of her nutrition, she has constant pain in her stomach, back, and neck … she can’t feel her legs,” Stephanie explained. “And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

After the first dose, Maddie’s reaction was typical, she suffered from fever-like symptoms, and they were gone after a few days.

But after getting the second dose, she had immediate pain where she got the shot. “In less than 12 hours,”

Stephanie continued, Maddie “developed severe abdominal pain, horrible nausea, painful electric shocks on her spine and neck. Her hands were ice cold when you touched them … and on her feet … pain all over her body.”
The vaccine isn’t safe, and it is unnecessary for children.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet stated that children are unaffected by the coronavirus, and the children at risk “are those who have obesity, diabetes, lung disease such as cystic fibrosis, serious medical conditions that make them already vulnerable.”

“Kids rarely become hospitalized from COVID and are actually at much greater risk of death in a car accident or driving accident,” she added.

Vliet confessed that “children are also not the drivers of the spread of the virus. Kids are unlikely to be the source of COVID-19 infections for the household, and there aren’t data to support the idea that children at school cause infections in teachers.”

“This is a genetic vaccine, not a traditional vaccine. Heart problems … are well-known complications of the COVID shots,” she cautioned.

“For boys aged 12 to 17, heart damage adverse events occurred in 162 of one million: a rate that is six times higher than their risk of COVID-19 hospitalization.”

According to the doctor, the children aren’t exposed to the risk of virus complications. Thousands of reports of severe adverse events and deaths after the jabs have led numerous experts to criticize the push to inject children with the experimental shot.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine exposed a “mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia” when they “analyze[d] approximately 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with COVID in health-insurance data from April to August 2020.”

‘A lot of room for human error and concern of reporting bias’

Stephanie emphasized that with the app TrialMax Pfizer logged details of reactions to doses of their shots only seven days after the administration. Additionally, “the app only allows you to record solicited adverse events like fever, redness, injection, site pain, swelling, headache, vomiting, and other typical, expected reactions.”

“There’s no free form at all to fill in any other reaction that you have beyond the typical, non-serious adverse events,” she said.

“That’s the only way to record this; there’s no way to have an unbiased way of entering it [an undisclosed reaction] and documenting it.”

“We did what we were told, we called the study doctor, and they told us to go to Cincinnati Children’s E.R., where the trial was held, to check for appendicitis. She did not have appendicitis. They couldn’t even find her appendix.

What made it into the trial record is unclear.” Though requesting “several times” to have Maddie’s reactions documented, Stephanie said that “we still don’t know what was actually reported.”

“So basically, as you can see, this leaves a lot of room for human error and concern of reporting bias coming from the principal investigator.”

The principal investigator to Maddie’s trial was Dr. Robert W. Frenck, the man who is billed as the author of the New England Journal of Medicine’s article on the Pfizer coronavirus shot in adolescents.

Stephanie stated that side effects made up a short section of only 308 words, and there were no mentions of Maddie’s adverse reactions.

“One participant experienced an SAE [severe adverse event] reported as generalized neuralgia, and also reported 3 concurrent non-serious A.E.s [adverse events] (abdominal pain, abscess, gastritis) and 1 concurrent SAE (constipation) within the same week. The participant was eventually diagnosed with functional abdominal pain.

The event was reported as ongoing at the time of the cut-off date,” the FDA report reads.

Stephanie continued, “By the data cut-off for the trial on March 13, Maddie experienced over 35 adverse events.”

Maddie visited E.R. nine times and was hospitalized three times for a total of 63 days. Even though there were attempts to contact the regulatory bodies responsible for overseeing vaccine production and authorization, “neither Pfizer, the FDA or the CDC has ever talked to us or attempted to. We have never heard anything from them. Ever,” Stephanie said.



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