Papa John’s Complaint Against The Ad Company Set Up

Do you remember a scandal around the CEO of Papa John’s pizza? He was made to look like a racist!

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It wasn’t a big fuss – the media twisted the whole story, making John Schnatter, a Trump follower and supporter look bad in the eyes of the Americans.

Here’s what happened.

John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John’s hired a branding agency under the name of “Laundry Service” to improve and boost the image of his company. And he used the N-word (we’re all adults here) but as an example in the business call, not in a hateful manner of speaking. It was completely out of context.

Laundry Service’s CEO, Jason Stein wasn’t quite fond of his “business partner”, saying how he hopes that Schnatter “gets f***ing sent out to the pasture with this s**t.”

And now, Schnatter filed a complaint against them!

The complaint claimed that Stein, as well as the other staff at Laundry Service, planned this upfront, “to have an hourlong live interview with a hostile media personality” hoping the former CEO would make damaging statements that could go viral when taken out of context.”

Schnatter said that “The chilling details from this taped conversation make clear the intent of Laundry Service to destroy my reputation, as well as the Papa John’s brand, harming our employees and franchisees in the process.”

He knows this because a former employee who was present at this conversation, actually testified, saying that “this did not seem part of the efforts to maintain – to help John’s reputation to do the job that we were paid for to help … this seemed like the opposite of helping John.”

“With this and the evidence coming forth in our litigation, it’s time for Laundry Service to be held accountable, and for Papa John’s to correct the record and apologize to me for validating the media frenzy that led to my forced departure as the company Chairman,” Schnatter resumed his statement.

Since 2018, he’s been trying to clear his name and fight the shame that the Forbes article brought on his name, future, and career.


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