PA Voting Machines Don’t Accept Republican Ballots!

From Fayette County, Pennsylvania, we have breaking news.

Reports show that the voting machines from the Fayette County school board election rejected only Republican ballots. And now things are going crazy!

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The officials announced that the machines rejected both Republican and Dems ballots, but it turned out that only the Republicans were damaged. The voting machines rejected Republican ballots.

Immediately a petition was filled, which allow the rejected ballots to be hand-counted.

The Washington Examiner has more on this story.

Some voting machines in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, were rejecting ballots as residents headed to the polls on Tuesday to vote on several local races, according to a new report.

The Fayette County Bureau of Elections told KDKA, a local CBS affiliate, that several precincts were having difficulty scanning bar codes on all ballots, and several voters told the outlet that their Republican ballots were not accepted. Chris Varney, an elections judge, told the outlet the issue was initially believed to be affecting all ballots, but officials then determined the problem only affected Republican ballots.

Both Republicans and Democrats are vying for the positions of recorder of deeds, jury commissioner, magisterial district judge, City Council member, and several school board seats.


CBS Pittsburgh also reported.

All 77 precincts in Fayette County have been dealing with ballots being rejected since the polls opened Tuesday morning.

Lorie Lamb said her ballot was rejected at the precinct at the Joseph A. Hardy Connellsville Airport.

“I think suspicious after everything that happened with the presidential election,” said Lambie. “I’m a Republican. I went to scan a ballot and it spit it out. I tried three or four times and it kept spitting it out.”

Not far from the airport, similar issues happened at Hatfield Elementary in South Union Township.

“Just went through the normal process. I took it over to the machine and it was rejected,” said Jeff Valek.

Voters have been placing their rejected ballots into an emergency slot at the back of the machine.

The Fayette County solicitor said the courts have granted an emergency petition, which means all the ballots that weren’t scanned will be hand-counted by the judge of elections at each individual precinct once the polls close at 8 p.m.

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