OUTRAGE: Bernie Kerik With Specific Claim on How The Election Was Stolen (WATCH)

On Monday morning, Steve Bannon was joined on The War Room by former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.

During their talk, Kerik revealed that in Fulton County alone, there are over 17,000 “lost” ballots.

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Kerik Bernard: Steve, you have many investigations in Georgia, including one primary in Fulton County, that I believe will be explosive in the next three or four weeks. And I believe it will essentially confirm what the President, Rudy Giuliani, and I have been saying for the past six months. It was a rigged election. In short, Republican politicians failed to fulfill their responsibilities. They permitted the votes to be certified…

He allowed that certification as Georgia’s Secretary of State. In the Fulton County count, he had 174 missing batches. It’s 174! There were 17,400 ballots missing, and they were aware of it. They couldn’t possibly have been unaware. They have to be aware. That would have been enough to put Donald Trump over the top in Georgia. That’s all it takes. But there’s a lot more to come, and it’ll come out as a result of these investigations. Subpoenas are being issued. Depositions are being taken. In the next two or three weeks, I believe you’ll see some explosive material…


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