OSHA Suspends Enforcement, Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is Facing With DOOM!!!

Even before OSHA had announced the suspension of Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate!

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The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals isn’t the only court involved in this. Now, the Sixth Circuit court has taken up the consolidation of 30+ lawsuits against the mandate, spanning the entire country. And the Sixth court has 27 judges, with 20 out of 27 of those judges being nominated by conservative presidents (Bush 1, Bush 2, Trump and even Reagan).

“With the Fifth Circuit court issuing its stay of the mandate, and the Sixth Circuit court now taking up the lawsuits filed across the country, it looks like Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate is headed for the trash heap of history. (As is Joe Biden’s entire presidency, come to think of it…)” Natural News reported.

The experimental vaccine destroys immune function and accelerates cancer tumor growth across the body, meaning that taking the vaccine actually reduces a person’s health and lifespan. Thus, a decision to take the vaccine is an irrational choice that harms society as well as harms the individual.

“By striking down the Biden vaccine mandate as unconstitutional, US courts will establish a precedent for fundamental human rights while simultaneously unleashing economic freedom that will help heal America’s broken supply chain and food shortages. If America’s economy is to function, we need people getting back to work, and that includes people with natural immunity who reject deadly vaccine experiments.”

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