Organ Harvesting Is The Real Crime Against Humanity?!

Might this be the connection with the global “pandemia”?!

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Dr Corson is the spokeswoman for Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting. After studying the Organ Harvesting crimes against humanity in China for 20 years, Dr Corson joined the Stew Peters Show on Friday to raise awareness on the very concerning patterns she is seeing occur in the United States of America as the CCP Infiltration commences.

“By 1999, over 70 million people were practicing Falun Gong in China,” Dr. Corson told the Stew Peters Show. “This was seen as a threat by CCP president Jiang Zemin who began the long, harsh persecution which has included illegal incarceration, forced labor, torture, and live force organ harvesting.”

Dr Corson also raised her concerns about China’s infiltration in the United States.

“We are seeing more and more how the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated academic, business, and political arenas in our country, even at the highest levels,” Dr Corson said. “One of the CCP’s goals is to lead the world in transplant medicine. There are major transplant centers in our country that have strong research and teaching ties with Chinese transplant hospitals and leading transplant professionals.”

The fact that the censorship on relevant health issues has already a history in the USA, makes this a real life threat for US citizens!

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