Op-ed: Will We Get To See Biden’s Press Conference And Hear The Answers Of The Questions?

As time passes by, we are more aware that our President Biden is too old for his duty. He cannot hold a solo press conference, and his situation worsens.

The White House must inform the people about the events in America. The presidents need to be able to do multitasking. But, probably, I was wrong.

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Today passes the 52nd day since Biden is our President, and he still hasn’t held a single press conference. The media are waiting for Biden to answer all the questions that they have collected so far, and they are numerous.

Regarding the White House Transition Project, we can see that Trump, only in the first year in the office, had approximately 600 on-the-record media interactions. Only Bill Clinton is in front of Trump. Every other American President hasn’t had so many press conferences.

But, something concerns me. Where is our current President, Biden?
Numerous people say that Biden struggles to answer questions appropriately. He does it only in a stage-managed setting. Well, if this isn’t accurate, Biden and his team would do something to demonstrate the opposite.

Their weakness is too evident.

Currently, China is the most powerful and influential state globally, and we allowed it with our weaknesses.
Pax Romania (long several hundred years) ended with Rome’s defeat. And Pax Britannia, which was long for a hundred years, ended due to the exhausted UK after the world wars.

But, Pax America lasted 75 years, and do you know why it ended? Well, because America preferred the internet rather than dominating the planet.

Now, when China dominates globally, these will be challenging years for America.
Jen Psaki tirelessly justifies Biden’s lack of communication with the press, but she will get tired, you’ll see.
In his campaign during the 2020 Election, Biden promised that he will always be “straight” and “transparent.”

Well, where is that transparency, Mr. Biden? We don’t even know where you are.

Probably he has a problem giving a replay without taking a note, or he cannot enter a debate on an intricate subject in which complicated figures must be included?

Press conferences are a must part of the presidency, and opinion exchanges can reveal numerous things that may be hidden.

At the moment, Biden is focused on persuading Americans to receive the vaccine to be safe from the virus. But, simultaneously, China is predominating in the world. There, gas prices are declining, and there is a full-blown crisis at the border.

Contrary to China, Biden works on his tax hike packages, and let’s not forget the Trump tax cuts’ repealing.
Biden will pay $1.9 trillion for the green new deal with that money. From that deal, the Americans still haven’t seen any usefulness, but, of course, the opposing sides are pretty obvious. American citizens have higher energy costs, skyrocketing gas process, higher travel costs, delivery costs, etc. The list doesn’t have an end.

Biden, you did such an excellent job during your first 52 days in the office.

Let’s be honest, Joe Biden is too old, and he cannot hold a solo press conference.

As you can conclude from the previous public appearances, he cannot remember all his staff members’ names or what they do.

Both the Democratic Party and Biden’s family are responsible for this situation because they allowed him to run for President. So much from their honesty and credibility.

Trump gave so many press conferences to keep people informed about the pandemic and numerous other issues America dealt with.

Trump is the embodiment of transparency!!!!

He held those press conferences besides all those Hostile and Threatening Media bent on his destruction!

And now, here we are! America has a president that cannot put two simple sentences together!

Shame on you all who gave your vote for Biden!

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