OP-ED: “To Save Our Country, I Would be Fine With Getting Rid Of Congress And Starting Over”

We can say that the Democrats are acting the way they are, due to the fact that the Republicans haven’t grown a backbone, especially the Republicans that have been at the top of the party for centuries, metaphorically speaking.

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We all know who they are.

and it is widely known, not just in America, that whenever there’s a given chance, a natural disaster, some other threat, such as this global disease, or some other factor that could bring poverty and terror among the people – the government will take total advantage of it, and abuse their power, in order to get wealthier, and thus, shake the stability of the country. But what’s going on now is beyond all situations known to this day. Our government has taken total advantage riding on the COVID train, and they just can’t tell when they’re enough!

Greedy, so greedy!

Wayne Dupree adds.

“What we see daily from Washington, DC, is a shining example of what lawmakers stand for and how corrupt they are. They believe no rules apply to them, and the only thing they care about is their plan and how they can use it to grab more power. Every American should be outraged at how they are destroying this country by trying to rewrite the rules completely. It’s time people get their heads out of the sand and let these elites know they work for us and do not serve them.

This nation has fallen under one-party control due to the Democrat control of Unions and Educational funding control at all levels with a complicit media. Not until the vote is disconnected from an individual’s paycheck will nationalism and liberty mean anything to the average self-centered American. The Democrats already ignore enforcement of Immigration Laws, so circumventing the parliamentarian is not a surprise. To the Democrats, the Constitution is just a piece of paper that suggests how our government should be structured rather than the foundation document of our country. The Republicans have to put up fierce resistance to the Democrats, who pick and choose which laws they will comply with. Granting amnesty is a bad policy as it rewards more people for breaking the law and undermines law enforcement, public health, and national security. The nation has fallen under the one-party rule because the Republicans haven’t had a backbone in generations. How the Republicans can stand up in Congress without a spine is one for the Medical Books. Not since Reagan has a Republican had a Backbone.

It takes huge love of America to turn down a stimulus check and send it back as a donation towards the national debt. People who stand for nothing fall for everything. What right or freedom will Americans sell out next, and for another check or the promise of more security?

Convention of States- Recalls of corrupt politicians. Our government has not had a budget in over 12 years now. When the following credit downgraded comes, Americans will see the damage they took part in this nation. It’s not the Government that caused these problems; it’s the self-centered nature of those who took the buyouts and allowed corrupt politicians to rule over them.

These politicians have forgotten that they were elected to represent the voters in their districts. They were not elected to push through their agendas or the agenda of a political party. This is what we have all forgotten. They are supposed to vote on issues the way their constituents want them to. We are supposed to tell them what to do, not vice versa.

Rather than using thousands of lawyers to identify workarounds and end run, we need to get back to government functioning somehow as the Founders intended. Donald Trump tried to work on a DACA and broader immigration reform, but the Democrats would not budge because they didn’t want to pass any legislation that might be perceived as a Republican win. If the Democrats get their way, we will ultimately be ruled and not governed.”

Do you agree with his words?


Ava Garcia

A small town girl, dreaming big, expecting to change the world with presenting the truthful events of the world today. Law degree with a master in criminology, and a devoted journalist for over 7 years, and counting. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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