‘Only A F**king Idiot Would Vote For Trump’ – Dominion Voting System Admitted!

"...wind-bag, f—tard FASCIST RACIST F—! No bull—-, I don't give a damn..."

Biden is the president of the US only when he has to sign an executive order and force the Americans to get the vaccine against coronavirus,

However, many people know that he didn’t win the 2020 election, which makes him the fake president.
Since the moment when the results were released, Americans couldn’t believe how Biden was the winner when the race was so tight. In the upcoming months, there were several speculations and doubts about the election voting system, Dominion.

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The former Director of Security and Product Strategy, Eric Coomer, was caught using social media to eliminate President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Later, Mellissa Carone, a whistleblower, appeared and recorded the fraud from election day. Coomer moved on fighting the truth, and now he’s suing 15 organizations for defamation.

Conservative journalists share misinformation that he was a member of Antifa or BLM groups.

“I want to be very clear: I have no connection to the Antifa movement, I did not “rig,” or influence the election, nor have I participated in any calls, demonstrations, or other demonstrable activity related to any political party or social justice/action group. Additionally, any posts on social media channels purporting to be from me have also been fabricated. I do not have a Twitter account, and my Facebook account is not active. These individuals are impersonating me.”

The Lawyer, Barry Arrington, forced Coomer to confess that he had social media accounts.

“If you are planning to vote for that autocratic, narcissistic fascist asshat blowhard and his Christian jihadist VP pic, UNFRIEND ME NOW! Only an absolute F—-ING IDIOT could ever vote for that wind-bag, f—tard FASCIST RACIST F—! No bull—-, I don’t give a damn if you’re a friend, family, or random acquaintance, pull the level, mark an oval, touch a screen for that carnival barker… UNFRIEND ME NOW.”

Another shock is how Coomer called out his employer in the message: “…these opinions are rational, and completely my own. They are based on reason and highly credible. Though they are not necessarily the thoughts of my employer, though if not, I should probably find another job… Who wants to work for complete morons?”
And for the Trump supporters, Coomer stated: “you deserve nothing but contempt. Absolute F—ing idiots.”

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