On the Evergreen Ship That is Blocking The Suez Canal, Trafficked Children, Bodies, and Weapons Have Been Discovered

US Navy Seals have rescued over a thousand trafficking children and bodies from cargo containers in the Suez Canal. According to sources, children were still being rescued and bodies were being discovered in Evergreen’s 18,000+ containers as of this writing. The containers were on board an Evergreen Corporation ship that closed the Canal from March 23 to March 29, resulting in billions of dollars in missed income for shipping businesses around the world.

The Seals also discovered Weapons of Mass Destruction on the six-story vessel, which was believed to be on its way to spark a Middle East conflict.

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By Tuesday, the Evergreen cargo ship had been untied and transported to Egypt’s Bitter Lake. The containers were removed off the ship and searched by US Navy Seals on the Egyptian President’s orders.

Evergreen Corporation’s Japanese-owned, Taiwanese-operated ship was actually co-owned by Walmart and the Clinton Foundation, which is infamous for its international child trafficking operation. Pedophiles who spent a lot of money for particular abused children were claimed to order the children out of magazines like Wayfair.

Do you believe this was all a hoax? Here’s what a brave Trafficked Survivor said about being strapped inside one of those Evergreen human trafficking containers as a child:

Evergreen was suspected of transporting not only trafficked minors, but also weapons of mass destruction. Many additional ships revealed to be carrying weaponry in the Suez Canal last week were suspected of being utilized to spark a conflict in the Middle East. Why? The Israeli Mossad planned to transfer the weaponry to the Muslims.

Human traffickers were apprehended, and cartels were broken, resulting in significant financial losses for their owners around the world. While the ships were detained for a week, the Deep State Operation was estimated to have lost $400 million per hour – a pittance in comparison to what those children were going through.

In ports all across the world, Evergreen vessels were having issues. Why? Why did Special Ops US Navy Seals appear out of nowhere to save the kids? Was the ship deliberately stranded? It was rumored that security flaws in Microsoft software allowed someone, or a group of people, to hack into the Evergreen ship’s software, take control of the steering, and drive the ship into the bank.

It’s possible that we’ll never get the complete story. So far, the Capitan of the Evergreen ship in the Suez Canal has refused to cooperate. Now, unless there are compelling reasons, why would a ship’s captain refuse to cooperate? Will you refuse to hand over the black box?

Why would a ship of its size from Taiwan name the Netherlands as its first port of call? Why isn’t Amsterdam mentioned in the news piece below? (Only available in Dutch) A slew of important signals and hints were sent out. Egypt may claim $1 billion in compensation from the ship Ever Given:


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